Label Printer

Print lab system labels, with touch of button

Ever need to know where a stat specimen is? Tired of taking 5 phone calls to collect needed information to have an irreplaceable specimen labeled correctly. We can automate this process and more for you. Printed labels are linkable to your existing lab systems , and along with that, real time tracking enables you to locate and monitor your asset in real time . This printed label and BAR/QR codes are all seamlessly registered in cloud systems and available for any ad hoc digital needs.

Print Lab Labels on the fly, without wired printers.

Use Labrunner app to print your lab labels , pre configured based on your needs. No printer, no extra devices needed. The Labrunner App with its custom device lets you create and mark your labels, print it with desired BAR CODE or QR CODE, and use it as needed. The digital copy of the printed data is saved in labrunner cloud systems, and is capable to smartly link with your pre existing lab systems.

Print Label from Labrunner App with rich meta data

Synch label data in cloud, access anywhere, anytime

Link data across offices and systems over cloud